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Blandford RFC Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying of any kind is not acceptable within Blandford Rugby Football Club (BRFC) and in particular the Mini and Youth Section. The RFU/RFUW are a "telling" culture where bullying is concerned. BRFC Mini and Youth Section has adopted this culture in line with the guide lines laid down by the RFU/RFUW on Bullying.

BRFC Mini and Youth Section expects anyone be they adult or young person who knows that bullying is happening to report it to the BRFC Safeguarding Officer. The BRFC Safeguarding Officer will comply with the guidance contained within this policy.

Reports of bullying will be taken seriously and responded to promptly. It is the responsibility of all adults with the Mini and Youth Section of BRFC to ensure that all young people within the club are able to enjoy the sport of rugby in a safe enjoyable environment.

What is Bullying?

In order that instances of bullying can be identified and promptly reported the term "Bullying" must be clearly defined so all know what is and is not acceptable.

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim.

Bullying can be:

The BRFC Anti Bullying Policy is to be brought to the attention of all coaches, administrative staff, parents/guardians and all young players. The meaning of the term "Bullying" should also be explained clearly to everyone connected with BRFC Mini and Youth Section.

Everyone connected with BRFC Mini and Youth Section are to be made aware of the RFU/RFUW Policy and that the BRFC Anti Bullying Policy is based on this document. Where a case of bullying is reported action will be instigated in accordance with this document.

All parents/guardians and young players should be assured that the committee of BRFC Mini and Youth Section will give them their support when bullying is reported. BRFC will not tolerate bullying.

Signs and symptoms

A child may indicate by signs and symptoms or behaviour that they are being bullied. Children and young people have previously described bullying as:

Other signs and symptoms

A child or young person:

Whilst these signs and symptoms may constitute bullying they may be symptoms of other problems. All members of BRFC Mini and Youth Committee should also be aware of these signs and symptoms and if they are concerned must report the fact to the Safeguarding Officer.

Procedures and management of bullying

Any incidents of bullying are to be reported to the BRFC Safeguarding Officer. Details of the report are to be recorded on the RFU Incident Report Form. If the incident is an adult bullying a young person the BRFC Safeguarding Officer is to immediately report the incident to the CB Safeguarding Manager and request that the incident is reported to the RFU Safeguarding Team. If the incident involves a young person bullying another young person then BRFC are permitted by the RFU to investigate the incident themselves. Assistance and guidance are available from the CB Safeguarding Manager and the RFU Safeguarding Team at any stage of the investigation.

Parents/Guardians may be informed and invited to attend a meeting to discuss this problem.

If necessary and appropriate the police and Social Services will be consulted.

If attempts at mediation fail to resolve the situation and the bullying is seen to continue BRFC will initiate disciplinary action under the guidance of the CB Safeguarding Manager and/or RFU Safeguarding Team.

It is important that this Anti Bullying Policy is implemented and all who are connected with the Mini and Youth Section of BRFC are made aware of its existence and content.

Awareness of this policy will be included within the club development plan to ensure that not only current members are aware that this policy is to be enforced by BRFC, but any future members are also made aware.

N Frampton


Dated November 2019

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