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BRFC Photographic Images Guidelines

Whilst BRFC recognises that publicity and pictures of young people enjoying rugby are essential to promote the sport and a healthy lifestyle, the following rules should be observed:

There has been evidence that some people have used sporting events as an opportunity to take inappropriate photographs or film footage of young people. While this is rare in rugby BRFC will ensure that their duty of care to young people is met and all media personnel will complete in advance the appropriate authorisation paperwork. Professional photographers or members of the press will be required to comply with these guidelines.

The photographer/camera person must have a bona fida identification and be able to produce this identification on request. They must also complete the Event Registration Form, a copy of this registration form shoulld be obtained in advance by contacting the Club Safeguarding Officer, clearly explaining why they wish to capture images of BRFC members.

BRFC will ensure that participates and parents are informed that a photographer/camera person will be in attendance at the event and ensure that they are content for both the taking and publication of films or photographs.

BRFC will not allow any unsupervised access to any member of BRFC Mini and Youth Section or any one-to-one photo sessions.

BRFC will not approve any photo session outside the event or at a player’s home.

Any parent/carer who is intending to photograph or video at an event should be made aware of these guidelines. Parents/carers should be prepared to identify themselves, if requested, and state their reason for photographing/videoing. Coaches are to remind all parents/carers within their age groups that they must obtain and complete a registration form prior to taking any photographs both at home matches/training sessions and this permission must also be sought from a host club for matches and/or tournaments.

In addition parents/carers should be informed that if they have concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography/filming these should be reported to the event organiser or official and recorded by the BRFC Safeguarding Officer in the same manner as any other child protection concern.

BRFC Coaches/Administrative staff should approach and challenge any person taking photographs who has not made themselves know to them. The BRFC Safeguarding Officer may have to refer the incident to the local police if the person continues to record images unauthorised.

Images taken by the official BRFC Photographer(s) may be used on the BRFC Website. If any parent/guardian does not wish any photographic images to be placed on the website them must inform the Chairman of this in writing.

Parents/guardians who wish to take photographic images of their children on a regular basis are to be encouraged to apply for a Photographic Permit. An application for a Photographic permit is available to download from the club website. Permits will be valid for the current season and must be renewed annually. When children whose parents hold a current Photographic Permit issued by the Mini and Youth Section BRFC attend any organised competition/tournament they are to check with the event organiser and where required complete an event registration formm which will be provided by the event organisers.

Parents who apply for a Photographic Permit are to ensure that they comply with these guidelines. When parents wish to take photographic images of their children during matches they are to request the age group coach to approach the coach of the other team(s) to enquire if there are any reasons why photographic images may not be taken.

The BRFC Assistant Safeguarding Officer is to compile a register of all parents who hold a current Photographic Permit. Details of register are to be issued to all age group coaches on a regular basis.

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