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RacingthePlanet Madagascar 2014

At the end of August, beginning of September, Peter Fleck will be taking part in a 7 day, 250km running race across northern Madagascar!

The race is self-supported, requiring competitors to carry all food, water and medical supplies for the entirety of the event!

Peter thinks you might ask Why?

Good question! I have recently started working in the north-eastern corner of South Africa as a safari guide at Londolozi Game Reserve.

When I arrived in January, I was introduced to the Good Work Foundation, or GWF, which is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide rural communities throughout Southern Africa with access to the digital world in order to enhance and improve educations. The founders of Londolozi played a big role in helping establish the GWF, and many of the local staff who work and live at Londolozi, and who I work with daily, have been the beneficiaries (as are their sons and daughters currently) of the GWF and the digital learning centers that it has built locally.

At the same time I met James Tyrrell, another of the Londolozi guiding team, who was looking to take on a challenge for the new year and see what he could achieve. James, after learning a little bit more about my enjoyment of these sorts of endeavors, suggested I join him in entering the RacingthePlanet's 7th Roving Race, held this year in Madagascar. I thought about it for all of a minute or two before agreeing! We were also both in unanimous agreement that we should use our efforts to raise some money to help the GWF continue its amazing work!

By the time the race starts on the 31st of August James and I are aiming to be both ready to run, as well as having raised 300,000 ZAR for the Good Work Foundation. Please follow the link below to see the video James and I put together to launch our fundraising campaign:

Obviously in order to achieve our goals, we are hoping that as many people as possible will get behind our effort and support it. If you felt you were able to do this I would be hugely appreciative.

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