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Date   Report
Blandford II v Lytchett Minster II

Blandford 2nd XV took on ytchett Minster II in their opening match of the 2012/13 season, eager to emulate the opening performance of the first XV at home last weekend. The opening minutes of the match were intense with both sides probing the opposition defence to find a way through. Blandford soaked up the pressure and were rewarded in their attacking efforts with an opening try and conversion. Lytchett responded with a series of strong attacking runs but the Blandford defence held firm. Just before half time Blandford, through a series of well worked passes, powered through the Lytchett defence to score a second try which was converted. Poor discipline in the opposition saw Blandford awarded a penalty which was successful converted.

Lytchett commenced the second half with strong attacking play and were rewarded with a try which was not converted. Blandford responded and with a series of probing passes and good use of chipping over the defence saw the backs secure the ball and with strong running powered past the defence to secure a third try. Lytchett again fought back and succeeded in fighting their way to the line for their second try. Blandford again responded and in quick succession with strong attacking runs by the backs and good supporting play by the forwards scored another two tries. With Lytchett reduced to 14 men by a sin-bin offence Blandford pressed hard but Lytchett drew on their playing experience and withstood the period of intense pressure. Play quickly flowed from end to end with some good attacking play by both sides which saw Blandford again utilise the overhead chip and with strong running saw Blandford secure their sixth try. Blandford continued to push forward and again poor discipline in the opposition saw them awarded another penalty which was converted.

Tries by Haim, Hart and Mizzi with Conversions and Penalties by Baker.

Final score: Blandford 46 Lytchett Minster 10
Blandford II v Weymouth III

Blandford took to the field eager to put on a good show for the spectators on the first Vice Presidents Lunch Day of the season. Play started with both sides testing out their opposite numbers to find ways through the defence. Blandford opened play with a number of fast running passes and this approach found space and allowed the backs to find their way through to score the opening try.

Weymouth pack defended strongly and the Blandford pack were pushed hard in the ruck and maul to secure the ball. Strong attacking play by the Blandford pack allowed them to release the backs with quick ball onto the wings and through the centre varying the direction of attack to see them run in a further seven tries by the halftime whistle.

At the restart Blandford continued to work hard in all areas and again the pack were able to release the forwards to allow them to secure two more tries. Blandford used the good restart as a foundation and made a couple of substitutions which saw some of their young home grown players taking to the field making their senior debut. A yellow card saw Blandford reduced to 14 men but they still continued to push forward and were rewarded with another try. The reduction of players saw Blandford start to struggle to defend against a strong Weymouth attack. This resulted in a further sin bin offense and Blandford down to 13 men. Weymouth took full advantage of the lack of numbers and pushed hard to secure a score on the board. Blandford dug deep and became determined not to concede any further tries and to a man fought hard to deny Weymouth any further score, and they quickly seized the opportunity to run in one final try before the final whistle.

Tries by Haim (2), H Wates, House (2), Nicholas, Oliver, Abbott, Hart, Tory, Rodgers (2), Haskell, Ryan. Conversions by Nicholas (2)

Final score: Blandford 76 Lytchett Minster 5
Bournemouth IV v Blandford II

Blandford 2nds travelled to Bournemouth with a weakened side for a number of reasons. It saw the team reduced to 13 players but being able to field a makeshift front row the referee was content for the game to continue. Bournemouth IV kindly loaned a second row forward and another for the backs. Both sides started the game nervously testing the opposition with kicks, chips and direct runs trying to determine both strengths and weaknesses which would need to be considered as the game progressed.

Bournemouth settled first and after a period of sustained pressure for the gap in the Blandford defence and pushed over for the opening try, which was successfully converted. The heavier Bournemouth pack was able to secure the ball at a number of scrums which followed and on two occasions found their way through the defensive line to score.

Blandford continued to defend well and Bournemouth had to undertake a sustained attack before finally being able to find the try line again, breaking from another good scrum. Again at the restart Bournemouth applied pressure on the Blandford defence and utilising their heavier pack won the ball form a scrum worked the ball first one way and then another showing well practices routines the went over for their fifth try which was converted. Keen to end the first half on a high Bournemouth worked attack after attack but Blandford refused to allow the much sought after try to be conceded.

The second half saw a number of substitutions by Bournemouth and what appeared to be a shaky restart by them, while the Blandford squad settled quickly and ran a number of good well supported attacking moves and only the strong defending by Bournemouth denied them the opportunity to score. Despite the changes by Bourneouth their pack were still heavier and working as a unit secured the ball and ran in the opening try of the second half, though it was not converted. Blandford at the restart put together a strong attacking phase of play and worked their way down the pitch looking to score. Bournemouth stronger in both the ruck and maul situations stole possession and with a series of darting runs by their backs succeeded in scoring again. Not disheartened Blandford restarted and worked their way down the field to be awarded a line out just short of the try line. No advantage came from this play and the referee returned for a scrum at the point of the line out. Blandford dug deep and through quick ball were able to release the loaned second row who opened the scoring for Blandford, with Henry Wates successfully converting.

Bournemouth continued to apply the pressure driving for the Blandford line, but good strong defending by Blandford saw the home side pushed back down the field and fast passing brought them close to the Bournemouth line. The final seconds of the game saw Blandford awarded a penalty which despite a good strong kick failed to find its way over the bar.

Blandford would like to thank the two Bournemouth players who took to the field in Blandford shirts for their commitment and efforts as part of the team. Team Captain, Ben, would like to thank all Blandford players that took to the field for their commitment and effort during the match.

Final Score: Bournemouth IV 43 Blandford 7
Blandford II v Ellingham & Ringwood III

Blandford kicked off but the ball failed to travel the distance which saw the first scrum of the game take place on the half way line. Ellingham's scrum was strong and used their extra weight to secure the ball. Play moved into the Blandford half of the field and with strong flowing passes won the lineout from which they drove for the line and secured the opening try of the game which was successfully converted. Blandford responded and drove back into the Ellingham half fighting hard to respond with their own opening try. As a result of the attack a number of scrums and line-outs followed with both sides striving to gain the upper hand. Attack and counter attack set the pattern for the next phase of play until Ellingham broke through and drove hard for the line to secure their second try which was not converted. Blandford substituted Rodgers for the injured Priestley and drove for the line with Pentney going over the line but the referee declared no try, ball held up. The pattern of attack and counter attack by both sides saw the passage of play moved from one end of the pitch to the other. A scrum in favour of Ellingham on the Blandford 5 metre line saw intense pressure with Ellingham slipping the ball to the backs to secure a third try.

The restart saw Blandford again push deep into the Ellingham half and attack strongly, searching and probing for the opening try. Ellingham withstood the intense pressure and slipped the ball wide and pushed hard for the Blandford line to secure a further try. Again the restart saw Blandford attack hard and secured a scrum in the 22 metre area but again the additional weight of the Ellingham pack saw them win the ball and slip it to the backs, who through planned game play went over for a further try which was converted.

The restart after half time again saw Blandford attacking hard and fighting to score, but swift counter attacking saw Ellingham push Blandford back and drive their way to claim the opening try of the second half. The driving and attacking play combined with the additional weight in the pack served Ellingham well which enabled them to run in a further two tries. Strong attacking play by both sides continued to be the format of the match. A period of strong attacking phases by Blandford saw them find small openings in the Ellingham defence and Wise seem one of these openings pushed trough and scored the opening try for Blandford which was converted by Nicholas. This proved to be a catalyst and Blandford lifted their attacking game and with a strong chipped ball which released Russell they secured a second try. Still determined to fight until the final whistle Blandford again pushed hard in attack and put Ellingham on the defence. Ellingham fought back and pushed into the Blandford half but determined defence and inspired passing saw Blandford break out of their half with Haim slipping through tackles to score Blandford's third try. Blandford continued to attack hard until the final whistle.

This was a good display of team work and determination by all players throughout the whole game which was played by both sides in the true spirit of the game of rugby.

Tries by Wise, Russell and Haim; Conversion by Nicholas

Final Score: Blandford 17 Ellingham & Ringwood 41
Weymouth III v Blandford II

Despite most of the other local games being cancelled due to the bad weather Blandford travelled south from a cold snow covered Blandford Forum to a cold snow free Weymouth to take on Weymouth III and were looking forward to the fixture after the Christmas layoff. The squad was a good mix of youth and experience.

Blandford kicked off but strong scrummaging by Weymouth forced them back and Weymouth quickly counter attacked pushing up the field. Play swung across the pitch as both sides looked for the opening try. A mistake in the lineout by Blandford saw Weymouth capitalise and dive through the opening, pushing hard for the line and they were rewarded with the opening try of the game which they were unable to convert. Blandford rallied and spent the next 20 minutes pushing towards the try line only to be thwarted by a resilient Weymouth defence who given the opportunity launched a number of unsuccessful counter attacks which Blandford repulsed until mid way through the first half when with strong running from deep with their own half Weymouth succeeded in breaking through to score their second try. Again they were unsuccessful in converting the kick.

The remainder of the half saw both sides fighting hard to break through the opposition defence. This led to both sides being warned by the referee as players became frustrated with no progress through the opposition to score. Blandford continued to push hard and made two changes to the pack, which were rewarded with a try by Boardwell in his senior debut match which was converted by Baker. Weymouth conceded a penalty which was converted by Baker levelling the score. Not to be outdone Weymouth took the restart and forced Blandford to concede a penalty which was successful converted.

Blandford continued to push hard and deep into the Weymouth half when play was suspended to allow treatment to one of the Blandford props. After the restart Blandford were the quicker side to return to form and stepped up to the challenge scoring a further 4 tries (Williamson 2, Baker and Wates) which were all successful converted by Baker.

Final Score: Weymouth 13 Blandford 38
Blandford II v Bournemouth IV

Blandford took to the field knowing that they were in for a hard match against the top of the table club who had fielded a considerable larger pack for the occasion. Blandford won the toss and kicked off into the Bournemouth half eager to take the game to their opponents. Bournemouth forced a lineout on the 22 yard line which Blandford secured and pushed hard for the line but strong defence from the heavier pack forced them back and Blandford conceded the first scrum of the game which was won by the opposition. A period of intense pressure forced Blandford on the defence coupled with the weight advantage Bournemouth were able to force opening in the defence and release their backs to open the score on the 10 minute mark, but failed to secure the additional conversion points.

At the restart Bournemouth quickly secured the ball and pushed hard for the line to secure the second try of the game but were again off target with the conversion. Again form the restart Bournemouth were soon in possession and the spectators thoughts turned to the possibility of a one way match. These fears were becoming more possible as Bournemouth ran in yet another quick try. Blandford took the restart and pushed hard for the line and finally they were able to release their backs to open their account. Following a substitution for injury the scrum went uncontested and Blandford continued to ponder on the best way to counter their disadvantage of a light pack. While they were thinking Bournemouth attacked strongly and secured the ball but were unlucky not to score with the ball being deemed by the referee to have been held up. Bournemouth won the ball from the 5 metre scrum and with their weight advantage drove over to secure their fourth try which was not converted.

The game went through a period of somewhat scrappy play with both sides starting to tire in the heavy conditions but Bournemouth pushed hard for the line and gained their 5th try of the game which was successfully converted. Not disheartened Blandford fought back and pushed forward only to be unlucky to lose the ball with Bournemouth utilising some quick cross field passing to add another try just before the close of the half.

At the restart Blandford drove the ball deep into the Bournemouth half and forced the scrum through a knock on which was quickly followed by a second scrum which saw a sweet well executed move which released the Bournemouth backs to again dive over for another try. Blandford kept their determination and again forced a strong kick off deep in the opposition half which saw some good passages of play before the ball was stolen to release Bournemouth again, tremendous defence saw Blandford again succeed in holding up the Bournemouth player to deny the try. Blandford quickly utilised their fast wingers and drove out of defence deep into the opposition half and with good passing worked their way around the heavier pack who were now showing signs of tiring to score.

The game now see sawed up and down the pitch as Blandford had devised their attacking strategy to foil the heavier Bournemouth pack which lead to Blandford's 3rd try of the game which was converted. From the restart Blandford fought hard and won the ball and using their earlier tactics again released players to score their 4th try and a bonus point. Final score Blandford 24, Bournemouth 56

Despite the loss the players should all be commended for their determination not to give up and the initiative play they developed to counter the in-balance of a light pack. Well done to all players.

Final Score: Blandford 24 Bournemouth 56
Blandford II v Swanage & Wareham IV

Blandford took to the field with a pack which was considerably lighter than the opposition and kicked off. Swans put Blandford onto their back foot early utilising their heavier forwards to push deep into the Blandford half and secured an early line out which they won and continuing their pressure found the line and opened the scoring with a try which was successfully converted. Blandford made a good restart but due to pressure from Swans which forced a knock on and the first scrum of the game. The heavier Swans pack quickly secured the ball allowing the forwards to push through to Blandford's 22 yard line where a series of scrums and line outs followed with neither side gaining or losing ground. Swans continued to exert pressure through their forwards and drove over for their second try which they were unable to convert.

Blandford took the restart eager to open their account and pushed deep into the Swans half where they secured a line out. Blandford made an early substitution replaced A Waites with Gus Rodgers who quickly got into the game and with a strong cross field attack Rodgers was released to score Blandford's opening try, which they failed to convert.

The passage of play became slow and ponderous in the second half as the heavier Swans pack took control of the ball and despite Blandford's efforts to play running rugby they successful smothered any flowing rugby and by a series of slow passages of play proceeded up the pitch to score their third try of the game, but again they were unable to convert. Blandford continued to search for a way to play flowing rugby and finally through a series of well worked passes released their light fast backs in an attack on the Swans line. Strong defence halted this attempt just short and following a line out Swans drove the Blandford side back and secured a line out on the 5 yard line. A concerted drive by Swans took them over the line but no try was awarded as the referee deemed it was held up. The uncontested scrum saw Blandford secure the ball but it was stolen by Swans who again pushed for the line and in a change of strategy released one of their backs to slip through the defence to secure their fourth try of the game, which they were unable to convert.

Blandford took the restart and continued to fight hard for the ball. A strong defensive kick by Blandford saw the ball driven deep into the Swans half and a strong chase by Russell after it. Putting pressure on the Swans defence but again the heavier pack was able to defend and push back up the field. The final whistle saw Blandford strongly defending against another Swans attack.

Well done to all the players for the continued determination against a much stronger side.

Final Score: Blandford 5 Swans 22

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