Blandford RFC Vice Presidents & Life Members

Life Members
Mr B Burrows
Mr D Burry
Mrs D Chester
Mr M Chester
Mr T Crawford
Mr S Crocker
Dr J Evans
Mr J P Gillingham
Mr R Jeal
Mr N H Keogh
Mr B C Lawrence
Mr S Manville
Mr P Meaden
Mrs M Mitchell
Mr P Quinn
Mr D Stringer
Dr I Wilson
Mrs M Wilson

Honorary VPs
Mr M Bellman
Mrs J Burrows
Mrs S Fisher
Mrs H Oliver
Mr D Pentney
Mrs J Pentney
Mr J W Turnbull

Mr S Armstrong
Mr A Booth
Mr H Botwood
Mr R Bright
Mr T Brown
Mr A Bugg
Ms M Byers
Mr P Cairnes
Mr A Collins
Mr J Cossins
Mr R Cowdell
Mr M Cowlard
Mr D Cox
Mr B Davidson
Mr S Evans
Mr M Foot
Mrs H Frampton
Mr J J Frampton
Mr N Frampton
Mr D Gill
Mr B Green
Mr J A Grinter
Mr C Hanam
Mr P Hogg
Mr M Jones
Dr P Kreeger
Mr B Marlow
Mr L Minchella
Mr S Mitchell
Mr A Oliver
Mr G A Parker
Mr L Partridge
Mr G Paver
Mrs K Pearce
Mr P Pearce
Mr R Pearce
Mr K Pitcher
Mr E Poingdestre
Mr Z Radford
Mr S Rhodes
Mrs A Richings
Mr D Richings
Mr J Ricketts
Ms C Riggs
Mr B Robbins
Mr K Robbins
Mr I Rodd
Mr C Rowan
Mr S Roy
Mr B P Ryan
Mr T Scott
Mr M Stirling
Mr D Thring
Mr A Wates
Mr H R Wates
Mr M Wates
Mr I Whittle
Mr A I Wilson
Mr J Winslow
Mr D Woods
Mr S Worfolk
Ms J Wylde
75-06   Dr I Wilson
06-16   Mr B Burrows
16-   Mr J Frampton

76-78   Mr R P Catcher
78-79   Mr P Cox
79-80   Dr R Prior
80-81   Mr F Stocker
81-85   Mr P J H Fale
85-86   Mr B Neave
86-98   Dr J M Evans
98-03   Mr B Burrows
03-06   Mr S Crocker
06-09   Mr J Gillingham
09-15   Mr J Frampton
15-18   Mr S Evans
18-   Ms M Byers

Club Captain
81-83   Mr S G Manville
83-84   Mr R Pay
84-85   Mr J R Cossins
85-89   Mr S R Crocker
89-91   Mr S G Manville
91-93   Mr P Hogg
93-95   Mr P Voisey
95-98   Mr K Pritchard
98-01   Mr P Meaden
01-02   Mr B Davidson
02-04   Mr G Hall
04-07   Mr P Sykes
07-11   Mr P Meaden
11-12   Mr J Grinter
12-15   Mr M Cowlard
15-16   Mr B Jones
16-   Mr K Gillingham

Head of Junior Section
94-95   Mr D Hunt
95-99   Mr B Burrows
99-02   Mr C Butler
02-03   Mr B Sefton-Forbes
03-07   Mr R Morgan
07-10   Mrs H Oliver
10-12   Mr L Minchella
12-13   Mr J Bowerman
13-15   Mr S Evans
15-16   Mrs K Kempster
16-17   Mr M Sterling
17-   Mr A Wates

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